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Facebook Live April 4th/20

Morning Muisc

Morning music to start your day

Posted by Randy Thomas Music on Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Facebook Live Jan 28/22

Facebook Live.March 27/20

Facebook Live Nov 30/19

Jim Croce "I GOT A NAME"

Facebook Live Sept 19/2019

Facebook Live Sept 12/2019

Is Someone Else Calling You Baby

Facebook Live Feb 22/2019

Facebook Live Feb 18/2019

Dec 24 2018 Christmas Eve hangout, music 🎶❄️

Here to brighten up your Christmas Blues

O.C.M.A.I Contest Full video PLUS Behind the scenes

House Party

Facebook Live Oct 5/18

Facebook Live Oct 2/18

Facebook Live Live Sept 29/18

Facebook Live Sept 28/19

Crash And Burn

When You Say Nothing At All

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